60 Years ago today

Mum was in an emotional and reflective mood today, as it is 60 years ago today that she and Dad arrived in Sydney from a several week voyage from England to Australai, she to embark upon a new life in a strange new land, he returning home.

Because the 3/9/61 was a Shabbat, they were unable to disembark the SS Gladstone Star, but they did have visitors, my Uncle Bela and patients, a couple whom were very fond of Dad. They disembarked and went to Penkivil Street, Bondi. Brandy went to quarantine in Haberfield. They almost did not survive the night as Rita was giving them a lift to Aston Gardens, when the brakes on the car failed, and they went straight across Old South Head Road up to Banksia Street through a red light!

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